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HOCOMOCO in 2024: a rebuild of the curated collection of binding models for human and mouse transcription factors

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Ilya E Vorontsov, Irina A Eliseeva, Arsenii Zinkevich, Mikhail Nikonov, Sergey Abramov, Alexandr Boytsov, Vasily Kamenets, Alexandra Kasianova, Semyon Kolmykov, Ivan S Yevshin, Alexander Favorov, Yulia A Medvedeva, Arttu Jolma, Fedor Kolpakov, Vsevolod J Makeev, Ivan V Kulakovskiy

Nucleic Acids Research, gkad1077 (16 November 2023)

doi: 10.1093/nar/gkad1077

HOmo sapiens COmprehensive MOdel COllection (HOCOMOCO) v12 provides 1443 transcription factor (TF) binding models including secondary motif subtypes for 949 human TFs and 720 mouse orthologs.

The HOCOMOCO motif models are derived from ChIP-Seq and HT-SELEX data by DNA motif discovery with ChIPMunk. The resulting motifs were manually curated and rigorously benchmarked. The preprocessed ChIP-Seq data was extracted from the GTRD database of the BioUML platform.

MoLoTool provides an interactive web GUI for sequence scanning to identify HOCOMOCO motif occurrences in a given set of DNA sequences.